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We are a group of about 55 lace knitters from around the world, knitting Herbert Neibling's "Lyra". Thanks goes to Helen Eisler, owner of the Knitted Lace List, to which all Lyra knitters in this group belong. This blog is written, edited, and published by Rosemarie Buchanan, 8 year member of the Knitted Lace List. All images and text in this blog are protected by copyright laws. Permission must be sought, and given, to use anything from this blog.

Location: Vancouver Island, Canada

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Here is a close-up of the flower, again showing the binding at the third set of leaves. Judy wrote, "I went up a needle size in the rounds for the third set of leaves; which really didn't help the binding problem. I think it's a major design flaw in the pattern; and I'm not sure anything will resolve it, short of redesigning the whole thing." I agree with Judy, and after perusing several Neibling patterns, I think it's a fairly common occurance. Posted by Picasa


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