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We are a group of about 55 lace knitters from around the world, knitting Herbert Neibling's "Lyra". Thanks goes to Helen Eisler, owner of the Knitted Lace List, to which all Lyra knitters in this group belong. This blog is written, edited, and published by Rosemarie Buchanan, 8 year member of the Knitted Lace List. All images and text in this blog are protected by copyright laws. Permission must be sought, and given, to use anything from this blog.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Diane's Thoughts on her Lyra

Here are my thoughts and feelings on knitting my Lyra doily:

I loved being part of this study group. While I enjoy selecting and knitting my personal knitting projects, I also enjoy being part of the knitting community as a whole. Participating in a study group like this, highlights the different approaches, thoughts and materials that contribute to making each Lyra unique.

The group also acted as a catalyst for me to finish the project. It was great motivation. After all, I didn't want to let my fellow study group members down. We all joined to knit this doily and by gosh and by golly, this doily was going to become a "finished object".

What a wonderful source of technical info became available to all of us too. The discussions on double yarn overs and blocking - to name just two - were most excellent.

And last, but not least, I like the personal connections made. We all got to know a bit about each other and that is quite possibly the best part of belonging to a group. One member I knew from a sewing list ages ago. She retired from sewing and I lost track of her. Imagine my delight when I realized she was part of this group.

Did I enjoy knitting Lyra? You betcha!!! Did I have moments of total frustation? You betcha!!! At one point, it sat on the needles for 2 months, totally ignored. I realized I wouldn't have enough yarn to finish, so why bother continuing?

That led me to think outside the box and frog my Egeblad doily. It was made with the same yarn I was using for Lyra. While I was sorry I had to resort to sacrificing my completed Egeblad doily, I was able to complete this much more time consuming project. I learned even completed projects, are another source of yarn.

Thanks to all involved so much for allowing me to be part of this Lyra Study Group and best wishes to all - those who have finished and those who are busily knitting away on their very own Lyra doily!!!



Another beautiful Lyra to add to the Lyra Hall of Fame! Diane's knitting skills are very apparent, as we see in this picture of her Lyra. Remember, too, that she frogged the Egblad to salvage the thread to finish her Lyra. Now that is dedication! Posted by Picasa