Lyra Learning Group

We are a group of about 55 lace knitters from around the world, knitting Herbert Neibling's "Lyra". Thanks goes to Helen Eisler, owner of the Knitted Lace List, to which all Lyra knitters in this group belong. This blog is written, edited, and published by Rosemarie Buchanan, 8 year member of the Knitted Lace List. All images and text in this blog are protected by copyright laws. Permission must be sought, and given, to use anything from this blog.

Location: Vancouver Island, Canada

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ann Glassely's completed Lyra is indeed an immaculate piece of art! Ann writes, "My Lyra is finished! I used Cebelia #10, beginning on US 2 needles then changing to US 3 needles where it suggested. I did the round version and it blocked out to about 48" in diameter, using 4 1/2 balls of thread." Ann's attention to the dressing of her Lyra illustrates clearly that every detail counts when knitting a fine piece like this. Posted by Picasa

Ann contines, "I do have the squished leaves in the third set. I followed the pattern with no adjustments for this. In my double yarn overs I did do the knit into the back loop which may have tightened that area too much. I am still very pleased with my table center."

"Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Lyra Learning Group. The discussions has been very informative and useful. I was in awe of the Nebling design the whole time knitting it and would love to do more of his designs." I think all the Lyra knitters would agree with you, Ann.
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Saturday, October 22, 2005

This beautifully finished Lyra is the work of Becky Kober, of Southern California. She writes, "I used tencel 2/10 in white with size 0 needle. It blocked out to 30 inches square and took approximately 5 months (working about 1-2 hours/day) to complete. I plan to mount it on rose colored velveteen and frame it." Absolutely fabulous work, Becky. Thanks so much for sharing it with us! Posted by Picasa

A close-up of the details of Rosane's Lyra. Beautiful, consistent stitches, and impeccable work on the ground stitch. Another beautiful Lyra, indeed! Posted by Picasa

This is Rosane Mordt's Lyra, knit with a beautiful Jaegerspun Zephyr, cobalt blue. Rosane writes, "Rows 1 through 6 were knitted with size 2 double pointed needles. Then I switched to size 3 needles, simply because I didn't have any size 2 circs and I wanted to use two circular needles instead of the dpns. However, these were short circs. So on row 31, I again switched needles, to a size 4." Look at that beautiful start! Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 03, 2005

Lyra Needle/Thread/Shape Information

Greetings all Lyra Knitters! Here are the stats regarding our projects. As you can see, there is quite a variety of materials and needle sizes, which will produce Lyras as unique as the knitters!
Anita, square doily,#1,#20 Manuela, Copen blue.
Ann, tablecloth, #2, #10 Cebilia, Mocha Cream.
Barbie, round doily, 00, #30 Opera, white.
Becky, square doily, 0, tencel 2/10, white.
Beth, shawl, 3.25mm, Zephyr, plum.
Carissa, square doily, 2mm, #20 Opera, light beige.
Carol, square shawl, 3.5mm, Zephyr, mushroom.
Catherine, doily, 2.75mm, #40 cordonnet .
Cathlene, doily, 000, #30 cotton, white.
Christine, shawl, 0, Zephyr,suede.
Cynthia, doily, #1, Star Six Cord #20 cotton, ecru.
Deb, square tablecloth, Crystal Palace linen, rose.
Dee, round doily, 000, 00, DMC Cordonnet 100, white.
Diane, square doily, #1, #2, 10/2 cotton, yellow.
Eileen, tablecloth, #1, #20 Opera, ecru.
Elaine, round shawl, UK10&12, laceweight acrylic, very pale lilac.
Elizabeth, round tabletopper,#60 Oren cotton, white.
Emily, round doily, DMC Cebilia 20.
Esther, square tablecloth.
Gisela, shawl, 5 mm(US 8),Manos laceweight,handpainted.
Glynda, square doily, 0, #30 cotton.
Jacqueline, shawl, Zephyr, soft green.
Janet, round shawl,3mm, 3.5mm, Zephyr, garnet.
Jaya, shawl, #6, Silk City Kashmir(70%merino,15%cashmere,15%silk), Dawn Rose.