Lyra Learning Group

We are a group of about 55 lace knitters from around the world, knitting Herbert Neibling's "Lyra". Thanks goes to Helen Eisler, owner of the Knitted Lace List, to which all Lyra knitters in this group belong. This blog is written, edited, and published by Rosemarie Buchanan, 8 year member of the Knitted Lace List. All images and text in this blog are protected by copyright laws. Permission must be sought, and given, to use anything from this blog.

Location: Vancouver Island, Canada

Monday, August 22, 2005

Marianne K. from Finland sent this updated picture of her Lyra at Round 150. As stated with her first picture, Marianne is using yarn Coats Aida cotton #20, and knitting her Lyra on 2.5mm and 3mm needles. Marianne is knitting the square version. At Round 150, Marianne has only 29 rounds to go! Perhaps we'll be seeing a photograph of her completed Lyra soon? Thanks for the update, Marianne. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Susan's Lyra, with a close-up of the third set of leaves, the beginning of the flower, and her pretty stitch markers. The orange marker shows the beginning of the round, and the violet marker shows the beginning of the square corner. Thank you so much for these pictures, Susan! Posted by Picasa

A closer look at Susan's Lyra. Very pretty stitch markers on Round 117! Posted by Picasa

Remember Susan K. of Germany? She sent in the first Lyra picture for our blog, and if you scroll down, you'll see her Lyra in its infancy. Susan K. is now Susan G.! Throughout all her wedding planning and the wedding itself, she's been knitting her Lyra, and it's a real pleasure seeing the progress she's made, especially considering all the other events in her life! Congratulations on the marriage, Susan! Posted by Picasa

This is Diane Miller's Lyra, and who better to describe it than Diane herself? She writes, "Oh Happy Days!!! No more double pointed needles for me. Lyra is comfortably on a USA size 1 Inox Express circular needle and my hands and I are happy, happy, happy. The change occurred at row 27 and the needles are 24" long with size 10/2 mercerized cotton yarn in a soft yellow." Diane Miller - As with all our Lyras, I can't wait to see how beautiful this one will be when Diane has finished it. Posted by Picasa